One More

by James Barrett

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Tracked at The Stude by Angelo Maruzzelli
Mixed by Angelo Maruzzelli
Mastered by Jimmy Reynolds
Additional guitar and vocals on One More- Terry Hurst Jr.
Additional vocals on The Window Part II- Emma Karchner
Additional piano on The Window- Angelo Maruzzelli
All songs written by James Barrett except "One More", written by James Barrett and Terry Hurst Jr.
Artwork by Alicia Kohut


released March 1, 2016

Thank you to my friends and family for years of support: Terry Hurst Jr, Hannah Gaul, Angelo Maruzelli, Jimmy Reynolds, Alicia Kohut, Jerry Connor, Worries, James Jaskolka, Emma Karchner, Austin Catania, Wyatt Sebring, Thomas Stone, Mariah Hawley, Celeste Belknap, Lee Owens, Sophia Rinaldi, Gabby Durr, Loyalty Barbershop, Matt Hughes, Duffy's Coffee House, Joey Brown, Billy Gerrity, Give Us Your Bones, Dashboard Mary, John Quinn, Noah O'Donnel, Rich Howells at NEPA Scene, Emberá, and everyone else that has supported my music in anyway. You all make my life great.



all rights reserved


James Barrett Scranton, Pennsylvania

James Barrett
Scranton PA

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Track Name: One More
so walk around the back
like I always said to do
the times I peaked my stupid face
through the window while I wait for you
I remember every time we laughed
every time I sang while you sang back
the red bathroom walls and my cool sink
keep them in your heart as our days start to shrink

i'll be fine
you keep words and I'll keep mine

so walk around the back
I'm sorry if your feet get wet
and I know the ice is thick
cuz believe me I have slipped and I'm sick of it
but you know come the spring
all that shit won't mean a thing

so good luck out there
you think of me when I'm elsewhere

yeah you'll be fine
you keep your words and they'll intertwine with mine
Track Name: The Window
2 A.M, or in the middle of the day
you're still not here
and for that I know I'm not ok
the world is spinning, but I'm stuck here
my car is dead, but so am I
is the girl or the time of year?

and I said I can't fall down again
I hate this place
I miss your face and all
now all I see is gray in almost everything I used to love
is this what I've become?
October's never scared me numb

I used to think behind scars something pretty grew
so I cut open my heart and took out parts to grow a garden for you
but you just plucked, and wept
because the flowers had died
and you denied what was killing them

so I said baby there's really nothing left
I miss your face
I hate this place and all
now these songs sound the same
and baby I can't fall down again
this is the lowest that I have ever been
don't call me unless you've grown your own garden

2 A.M. or in the middle of the day you're still not here
and for that I know I'm not ok
the world is spinning, but I'm alive
Track Name: Happy
I hope someone made you happy
and I'm so sorry if that someone wasn't me

but I need you to see I'm wounded
and I may forever bleed

but if blood could make you smile
I'd bleed myself dry
and my grief becomes a burden
I'd say just remove my eyes

and if the government took my speech away
I'd go to jail as I say
I love you with every night and day
Track Name: The Lamp Post
look to the left if you wanna stay
the trees to the right don't have much to say
I know, they're changing, and so are we
but I don't wanna wait for another day
we can fix each other in the little space between the songs on this CD

and you tell me you're ok
but I can see it in your face
there's something I cannot explain
so I won't say a thing
no I won't

there's so many things that we said we'd do
and somehow we never did one or two
I guess we all dream a little too much
but I don't wanna live with that my whole life
I'm gonna take a chance starting with you tonight
and maybe the thought of us will be enough

and you tell me that you'll stay
so I'll wait for a better day
there's so many things I'll never say to you

there's not enough time in any day to say all the things i wanna say
there's not enough time in any day
there's so many things I'll never say to you
Track Name: Better
well there's a woman throwing up outside
there's a cop racing throwing on his lights
just to get through another stop sign
and here I am eating this shit food inside
reading the warning on the menu of how I can potentially die
and now I'm thinking about death
and now I'm missing all my friends
and now I keep wasting my time thinking how fast it's going by

and I think of how they don't feel anything
and I feel everything
but that's bullshit and it's mean
I'm being stupid and naive
thinking they experience nothing
as I watch from my booth suffering

I don't think a day has gone by
where you don't run inside my mind
where I don't think about your life
cuz I'm getting older every day
but my basement stays the same
some people go and some they stay
but for the better my world changed

and I think of how they are everything
and they would do anything
to make me feel as happy as can be
when i'm being stupid and naive
I'm gonna pay the bill and I'm gonna leave
and i'll see you when you're back next week

it's gonna get better whether I believe that or not
Track Name: The Window Part II
I wonder when you're gonna call
probably sometime after snowfall
I think that i need you around
at least now while we are snowbound

I've been waltzing around the town
and I've been floating in the clouds
I am level with the ground
I am lost but never found

I think you missed me after all
and I've missed every little phone call
I've missed you while you were asleep
and while I dreamt you must of thought of me
because I've seen you in my brain
and I miss the smell of all the rain
on your back porch or in your bed
my heads a god damn fucking mess
changing thoughts before they are complete
but you found your way back to me
so I will write so when i die
we will forever be alive
we'll forever be alive
through the snow and rain we will survive

and I've been waltzing around the town
with you in my car with the windows down
we've been lying on the ground
we were lost and were found
I still love you and I love this town
I still love Eden and the sound
of you and I driving all around
following the sun as it goes down
Track Name: Unnoticed
I'll admit I think of you
when I sit down and try to kill time
the hurricane we sat through
we didn't lose power
but I lost my life
and I thought through cosmetic repair
that my despair would exit unnoticed

but it's not how it worked
with the phantoms and moulin rouge kept in my heart
you'll stay with me until i embark

and there's something about the holidays coming around
this christmas you'll hear about my new year
and I'll say come what may
come what may
if our paths don't cross again someday
it's a privilege that we once exchanged our names
so come what may
come what may
Track Name: Always
I remember the sunsets on every car ride home
and I remember when you left
the sight of the sun made my heart cold
with no place for me in between night and day
I left the earth
cuz you said we needed space

I said come with me
we can be life outside of earth
because I don't like to think of death
the feelings gone, but it's not dead yet
so we can try mercury if the moon's not what you expect

so I was locked in an orbit
but the motion made me sick
I remember the life we had at home
and now I'm all alone
deep in the unknown
but then I felt a pull and the lights went out
my head somehow shut down
and I woke up on the ground
but then i felt the warm touch of your skin
so I asked you once again
if this time you'd listen

and you said that you missed me

then why'd you have to go and leave me?
and run around for months
and you said "I'm so sorry for everything I've done"
and I said softly that I'll forgive you because that's just what I do
I wanna love you once again
"let's leave this place," you said

and i said that I need you